Another diagnosis- PCOS!


A few months back, a nurse suspected that I had PCOS(polycystic ovary syndrome) due to some of the symptoms I have, well I went to my doctors here a few weeks back and the diagnosis was made and I definitely have PCOS. 


It was a relief to find out that the symptoms were down to something but I wasn’t happy to be diagnosed with something else along with all my other health problems. 

As time has gone by though I am dealing with it a little better, I am researching more into my condition and receiving advise off other lovely ladies via numerous facebook groups and the doctor is treating some of my symptoms (acne, weight gain) which is great. 

I know it will make it more difficult for me and my fiancée to have children but I am learning to deal with it and look at it as less of a negative, it is manageable and thats all i need to know for now. 

Starting again- 2nd attempt at foundation course with a different university.

Standard you all know I didn’t pass my foundation year in the University of Liverpool due to the lack of help, empathy to my condition and the overall structure of the course along with other reasons. 

The good news is that I found a similar foundation course in a different university with better support and structure to the course in Liverpool John Moores. :) 

I was sooo happy when I found out, I applied to it straight away and got in, I’ve constantly been in contact with the head of my course and their reassurance  that they want to support me and help me is fantastic. 

I have researched into the university and they are exactly the university I have been looking for, they care about their students and help them in anyway they can, unlike the University of Liverpool that seems to be just a high achievers university. 

I am very nervous about starting but so excited too! 

I start my enrolment on the 9th of September. 

I can’t wait to meet new people and start again. 


So from the 9th of September I will be studying extended natural sciences in liverpool john moores university and hopefully if i pass this foundation year i will be able to do a normal degree course of which i want to do wildlife conservation. 


Hopefully everything will be better this time around. 


Wish me luck! 

Ill update you soon. 

Love you all.