Dear WordPress Readers!

Thank you first of all for clicking on my blog and taking your time to read my first publication, i thank you dearly.

Now i have your time i am going to explain why i have created this blog and what i intend to talk about in the near future.


I am 19 years old, a student and I have Complex PTSD, Major depression, Intentional self harm and Anxiety issues, i created this blog for one of many reasons but the main reason is: to give an insight to what it is like living with mental illness and how it affects every aspect of my life and before you say or think its not going to be dead depressing and I am not going to complain saying ‘Uh i feel crap today’, ‘I feel like dying’ etc, etc…

I created this to analyse and share the way my conditions affect my judgement, behaviours and thinking during every aspect of my life and how far i have come so far and how i have succeeded in life despite having it.

I would really love people to read this blog most importantly to improve their knowledge on mental health and create awareness as it is an  ‘invisible illness’ that many people are unaware of, unaware that it is so common, how it affects peoples lives, what causes it, how to deal with it and  how to approach and communicate with people suffering mental illness and most of all how the Government deals with it.


I will give you an insight to all these subjects as well as telling you about my daily life.

I hope you read my blogs and share it with others and i look forward to your comments and reviews.


Thank you very much for your time and i will write again soon.

Chow for Now!


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  1. Hello 🙂 I love your blog welcome here ♥ Some of your words I feel I could have written myself, we seem to have the same purpose and struggles…I too was worried that my blog may come across as depressing, and therefore try extra hard to try to make some sense to what I’m writing, rather than just whining, lol 😉 Like you, I hope to just raise more awareness of what life can be like with mental illness ~ it is absolutely an invisible illness, and is so much more debilitating than people ever realize…I don’t have PTSD, but as you know, I do have severe anxiety, major depression, aswell as an eating disorder, and have a history of self-harm (with the scars to show for it 😦 )

    So I hope maybe we can be a support for each other, via our blogs, seeing as we have so much common ground 🙂 I admire you! I have never been able to persist with study, due to the anxiety…I am really glad we have met 🙂

  2. I love that you have a spiritual side to helping you overcome your mental health issues- this is the way forward!! Complex PTSD seems to be something I’m hearing more and more about. Interested to read more.

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