Famous Artworks that Inspired 15 Films

Famous Artworks that Inspired 15 Films



There is a fascinating interplay between the visual cultures of film and art. Directors have frequently used imagery from painting and other art forms to shape the look and meaning of their works. Earlier this week, website Philebrity appealed to our inner art history nerd and reminded us of a strong visual influence behind Terrence Malick’s 1978 film Days of Heaven. We feature the movie’s art-world doppelgänger after the jump, along with other artworks that informed frames and entire visual themes in different movies.

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My first experience of higher education (A level biological sciences foundation course) with uni of liverpool

My first experience of higher education (A level biological sciences foundation course) with uni of liverpool

well where shall i start…. 

Since i finished my college course (btec business studies), I applied for the University of Liverpool for a foundation biological science course which would give me the A levels I need to get in any science course within the University; my aim is to get into an environment and/or animal course. 

This route was recommended to me by an advisor within my college along with the university which i regret to say I have had two bad experiences with now. 

The first year i went, i was living in the halls away from my partner and from family(which isnt the best decision with my condition) and me and my mum did everything to inform them of my condition so the help could be put into place but as you will read on my previous posts this didn’t happen and long story short; i recieved no help, was struggling immensely and ended up suspending my course after 6 weeks due to having a relapse which took me a year to recover. 

This year around i went back to the same course to the same college, prepared and eager to start again. This time they had learnt their lesson a bit and provided me with some help.. i recieved a support tutor (which was the best help), blue paper, i still had my equipment from last year, and when i asked my chemistry teachers for help (because i struggled with that the most) the provided me with a feedback sheet with each one of my lab reports, assignments and tests which helped a lot but for all the other subjects the help wasnt there. I went to the tutorials when i was free and the teachers helped me a little but i had to fight with a level students to get that little bit of help when the reality was that i needed much more. 

My degree administrator was negative towards me, talked down to me and didnt communicate with me properly AND didnt provide me the conditions i needed for my exams and left everything till last minute… so as a summery, i had to fight for what little help i got.

So i looked for help elsewhere as well as pestering the staff, i read a ton of books, i asked for help off classmates, I looked online…and well … 

1st semester i failed… 

2nd semester i tried even harder (making myself ill in the process) and i failed again. 

Of course i was majorly disappointed but it was said to me that i could always resit the year so I thought ok so i have to resit the year im sure to pass this time but what happened next really annoyed me…. 

I went on holiday for 2 weeks with my family (which couldn’t of come at a better time because i was majorly stressed) so i took this time to relax and think about the year that i wish had gone better, and thinking back…i tried a levels in college and i couldn’t do them but i thought with the course i had just been doing with being endorsed by the uni the support would be better AND the course but it wasn’t! It was twice now the uni had let me down! It didn’t make me feel as if they were there to help me succeed, they made me feel like they couldn’t care less. 

I came back off holiday on the 31st June in the evening, i was at my mum’s house and a ‘lovely’ letter was waiting for me from the university, crapping myself with my mum sitting next to me i opened it and what it said shocked me so much and made me so angry that i was in tears all night and my eyes were swollen in the morning. 

It basically said due to my results not being good enough for the university they were not giving me the opportunity to resit the year and were discontinuing my studies to that course… 

To me this felt like a punch in the face, as I knew i didn’t do as well as i wanted but not being given the opportunity to resit the year i thought was harsh!! 

I went the next day to a decision meeting with my parents who insisted to come to support me which i couldn’t of done without and my degree administrator, someone else from the college and my disability advisor and what felt like the most horrible meeting ever seemed to be about them having a go at me for not passing, not considering my circumstances or how much i have had on my plate this year not only with my condition and them saying well i didnt inform them of EVERYTHING that was going on which isn’t their business, that i had no choice but to appeal… 

So on the way back to dropping me off to my flat me and my parents discussed what to do next and realised that even if i did return, i wasnt going to get the help i needed, the college wasnt good enough, the university have let me down enough, and even though i tried hard the course mustn’t be suiting me for me not to have passed so we agreed to let it go through, not appeal and look for another route into the career i want. 

So after coming back home on tuesday i resting as i was stressed to death and the next day concentrated on finding another similar course in John Moores uni, hope uni, apprenticeships and other routes. 

Eventually i found out the John Moores do a similar but Better course that i have just been doing, so i phoned them up and emailed them and eventually got to speak to someone and found out that the deadline has ended BUT they do take extra students applications in August! The guy in the science admissions department looked at my email and said i have all the right qualifications to get in and i have a good chance of getting in so i am mega happy!! 

All i need to do now is apply after the 7th when the ucas website is working,,, 

Today i have been researching John Moores University and was pleased to find out that they have won awards for their study skills and disability support AND the subjects i learn in the course i will actually use in a uni course, their courses are much better and they have more contact with wildlife funds and councils for environmental work!! 


Well anyways that is the news of what I’ve been upto… now i am in my flat, bored, during the summer holidays, trying to look for a better job, voluntary work and some hobbies. 🙂 


What has everyone else been upto??? (comment below) 

Hey Im back >.< forgive me for not blogging for soooo long!!! h


Hello to all my lovely and wonderful bloggers and followers, 


Im back and back for good… i’ve been so busy this past year with completing my foundation year (which i will tell u about later) but i have realised that during this year i havent took the time out for me and this has had really negative effects on my health and my depression so now i am making sure that i make time for myself and am writing a list of hobbies that i am going to try and do at the least once a week but im going to blog as much as i can because it helps me get everything out of my head and off my chest and you all are soo supporting and i miss you all 🙂 

You will be hearing a lot of me from now on 🙂 Desk is all set up in my new flat and im raring to go 🙂 


Speak soon 🙂 got so much to tell u  all. 

Long time no speak, tough struggle, I hope it’s worth it.


Well now I am in semester 2 of my course and I haven’t posted anything for aggessss.. Because I was sorta ashamed of semester 1 I worked very hard.. Considering I had never done a levels before and I’m in a foundation course which is a levels and everyone else has done a levels, I passed 1 exam but didn’t quite pass the others, this time around I have tried even harder and I just hope it is worth it and this time I pass although they are coming so soon and I can’t help to doubt myself but I did that last time and I think I worked myself up so much I encouraged myself to fail. I don’t want to get in the same way again any advice???

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My progress in uni so far at the end of semester 1


Hey guys, how are you all?
I’m sorry I haven’t posted on here for a while I have been mega busy and i can’t wait to tell all of u what I’ve been up to 🙂

I’ve been in my foundation year for almost a full semester now and I can’t believe how far I have come!!
For all of u that don’t no I have returned back to uni after the failure of last year and I am doing a foundation year that will lead me to a normal 3 year course within the university of Liverpool.
I am doing biology, chemistry, microbiolgy and half maths which are all at a levels which I’ve never done a levels before so I knew it was going to be hard for me.
I moved away from home for the second time but with my partner in student flats, he came to support me.

Well I’m heading towards the end of my semester 1, I break up on the 16th of December which yes I know is early lol.
I have so much to tell you….

Well when I started I was extremely nervous,… But as soon as I started I starting to gain some confidence and quickly made friends unlike next time and for once I didn’t take my condition into account when communicating with other people. The classes were very informative, interesting and A LOT to take in at first but once I read through the information and took it all in through writing my own notes I realised it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was.
I have been handed many assignments and test and I’ve got to admit I didn’t do well at them at first because my anxiety took over and I panicked and didn’t pay attention to the questions and answered them wrongly whereas in my chemistry I didn’t do so well at first because of my lack of knowledge. I have put a lot of extra effort to gain more knowledge of the subject and today I got the highest grade in my chemistry write up so far (59%) it might not be as high as everyone elSe but I am not comparing myself to everyone else for me this is good, if I just improve and learn how to process my data correctly after practicals I should get 80-90% next time which I’m really pleased and I’ve just done a biology test and assignment which I feel I have done really well on and I should get 50%+ on them 🙂 so I am gradually improving.
The amount of understanding I am getting from the staff at my college and help is amazing I feel that they are actually trying to help me pass, as a disabled student I’ve never received this much support, I get help from college staff as well as my own personal support tutor who is brilliant at giving me exam and revision tips and to talk to if I have any worries.
University this time has been a lot easier but it is incredibly hard at the same time. My day is so incredibly long and the amount of information that I have to take in and process is incredible, my chronic fatigue has been acting up more than it has ever done, but I am learning to identify when I am getting tired or irritable or it is affecting my health and I try and take actions to stop it over tiring me because if I get over tired it takes me 3 days to recover- with plenty of sleep and rest.
My depression is still acting up, at first I was quite depressed because of a girl in my class taking the mick out of me and making me feel in superior to me but I soon realised this was due to her wanting to be the centre of attention so I let her be the leader of the group and now she is fine with me.

When I first started college I was taking on too much at once and working a full day at college and all night as well but towards the end of this semester I have learnt that I need to balance uni work with taking time to enjoy myself and relax which I have been doing…

I have recently found out about a local friends of earth group that I have joined and the people there are so nice and I can do activities I enjoy and talk to people with the same interests as me and learn so much knowledge about the environment and I have also joined my colleges Eco group which I am going to tomorrow afternoon, I am looking forward to doing something good and constructive outside of my uni work.

My confidence is starting to increase over all but it is still a long way to go….

I will let you know wat I am doing via friends of earth very soon if u are interested 🙂 xxxx

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