My progress in uni so far at the end of semester 1


Hey guys, how are you all?
I’m sorry I haven’t posted on here for a while I have been mega busy and i can’t wait to tell all of u what I’ve been up to 🙂

I’ve been in my foundation year for almost a full semester now and I can’t believe how far I have come!!
For all of u that don’t no I have returned back to uni after the failure of last year and I am doing a foundation year that will lead me to a normal 3 year course within the university of Liverpool.
I am doing biology, chemistry, microbiolgy and half maths which are all at a levels which I’ve never done a levels before so I knew it was going to be hard for me.
I moved away from home for the second time but with my partner in student flats, he came to support me.

Well I’m heading towards the end of my semester 1, I break up on the 16th of December which yes I know is early lol.
I have so much to tell you….

Well when I started I was extremely nervous,… But as soon as I started I starting to gain some confidence and quickly made friends unlike next time and for once I didn’t take my condition into account when communicating with other people. The classes were very informative, interesting and A LOT to take in at first but once I read through the information and took it all in through writing my own notes I realised it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was.
I have been handed many assignments and test and I’ve got to admit I didn’t do well at them at first because my anxiety took over and I panicked and didn’t pay attention to the questions and answered them wrongly whereas in my chemistry I didn’t do so well at first because of my lack of knowledge. I have put a lot of extra effort to gain more knowledge of the subject and today I got the highest grade in my chemistry write up so far (59%) it might not be as high as everyone elSe but I am not comparing myself to everyone else for me this is good, if I just improve and learn how to process my data correctly after practicals I should get 80-90% next time which I’m really pleased and I’ve just done a biology test and assignment which I feel I have done really well on and I should get 50%+ on them 🙂 so I am gradually improving.
The amount of understanding I am getting from the staff at my college and help is amazing I feel that they are actually trying to help me pass, as a disabled student I’ve never received this much support, I get help from college staff as well as my own personal support tutor who is brilliant at giving me exam and revision tips and to talk to if I have any worries.
University this time has been a lot easier but it is incredibly hard at the same time. My day is so incredibly long and the amount of information that I have to take in and process is incredible, my chronic fatigue has been acting up more than it has ever done, but I am learning to identify when I am getting tired or irritable or it is affecting my health and I try and take actions to stop it over tiring me because if I get over tired it takes me 3 days to recover- with plenty of sleep and rest.
My depression is still acting up, at first I was quite depressed because of a girl in my class taking the mick out of me and making me feel in superior to me but I soon realised this was due to her wanting to be the centre of attention so I let her be the leader of the group and now she is fine with me.

When I first started college I was taking on too much at once and working a full day at college and all night as well but towards the end of this semester I have learnt that I need to balance uni work with taking time to enjoy myself and relax which I have been doing…

I have recently found out about a local friends of earth group that I have joined and the people there are so nice and I can do activities I enjoy and talk to people with the same interests as me and learn so much knowledge about the environment and I have also joined my colleges Eco group which I am going to tomorrow afternoon, I am looking forward to doing something good and constructive outside of my uni work.

My confidence is starting to increase over all but it is still a long way to go….

I will let you know wat I am doing via friends of earth very soon if u are interested 🙂 xxxx

20131121-110806 pm.jpg

20131121-110821 pm.jpg

20131121-110830 pm.jpg


About Faye Elizabeth

I'm a 19 year old student, who loves the environment and want to base my career on protecting it which is why I am studying biological sciences then earth sciences in university, I love photography, art (anything creative), i have mental illnesses which I am not ashamed of, I'm recently engaged :D and have a positive future ahead.

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