Going doctors this morn I may have polysystic ovaries?!


Hello again you lovely people,

Just a quick update for you about my day to day worries of life!

I went to the nurse the other day with worries that I may have endometriosis as my mum had it a s it’s hereditary but the nurse said it sounds like I have polycystic ovaries instead… I’ve been waiting till this mornings doctors appointment which I am about to go to to find out, I am very nervous and scared, does anyone know much about this condition, I’ve read a little on it but I just hope it doesn’t cause me more health problems….

Wish me luck!!!


About Faye Elizabeth

I'm a 19 year old student, who loves the environment and want to base my career on protecting it which is why I am studying biological sciences then earth sciences in university, I love photography, art (anything creative), i have mental illnesses which I am not ashamed of, I'm recently engaged :D and have a positive future ahead.

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