Lack of concentration!


Hi readers,
It’s me again!
Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while I’ve been so busy and tbh I didn’t no what to say!
But there is one thing I need advice on if anyone of you lovely people can help me!

As you probably know in October when I came back from university I had a relapse and since that all my anxieties have come back and I’ve had to start all over again (which is going quite well btw) but one thing that is bothering me is my lack of concentration.

Throughout school and college I found it hard to concentrate at first but once I stuck to it then it would go and my concentration would be good but not anymore!!

I’m trying to revise my university books before I go back this September and I can not concentrate! I don’t know if it is because it’s chemistry because I’ve always struggled with it as its hard to get my head around it because there is no visual aid as to what is happening or is it all the anxiety towards going back to university???

All I know is that this time last year I would of took one look at it and said to myself it’s hard but I can get my head around it and I would of been so stubborn to understand it that I would study it until I understood it I feel that determination has weakened and instead I look at the book and all I think is I’m I clever enough to get this, I’m going to struggle in all my classes and I really don’t want to even look at the book because of this and how easily distracted I get from it.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I can do to get my concentration back!??


About Faye Elizabeth

I'm a 19 year old student, who loves the environment and want to base my career on protecting it which is why I am studying biological sciences then earth sciences in university, I love photography, art (anything creative), i have mental illnesses which I am not ashamed of, I'm recently engaged :D and have a positive future ahead.

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