Back to reality from an amazing holiday!


Hello readers,
I am back after a long 2 weeks holiday abroad and I’m back in the UK and back to reality.
I have got now 2 months to prepare myself for university and mine and my fiancées new future together. Needless to say we are both looking forward to our first place together and the future success that is ahead but we are so filled with worry and fear of what is going to happen it mainly being financial worries and I am trying to stay positive but the other half puts the same worries back in my head.
I enjoyed myself so much on holiday as the worry and stress of life was magically lifted from my shoulders and now coming back to it just makes me feel ill! I hope I have enough energy to deal with it all!

Anyway for now enjoy the piccies!
Speak soon!
Xxx Faye xxxxx

20130707-050245 PM.jpg

20130707-050253 PM.jpg

20130707-050259 PM.jpg

20130707-050306 PM.jpg

20130707-050315 PM.jpg

20130707-050323 PM.jpg

20130707-050330 PM.jpg

20130707-050340 PM.jpg


About Faye Elizabeth

I'm a 19 year old student, who loves the environment and want to base my career on protecting it which is why I am studying biological sciences then earth sciences in university, I love photography, art (anything creative), i have mental illnesses which I am not ashamed of, I'm recently engaged :D and have a positive future ahead.

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