Back to reality with a big bump!


For the past few weeks I have been so occupied with work and revision I have forgotten to take care of myself and look after my mental health and physical health.

I’ve been eating so much sugary food to keep my energy up but I have forgot that it does give me energy in the short term but it doesn’t help my skin or my weight! I’m not overweight although my ideal weight is 10 stone so I do need to loose a stone but sugary foods have had a terrible effect on my skin I get acne anyway but before this all my spots had been dying down but now they are back being double in size and twice as painful!

I am so annoyed that I could of been stupid! My confidence wasn’t good to start with but now I feel worse! But I have a plan I’ve written down all the things that make me feel better and will help me and hopefully if I stick to them it will help me feel better about myself and more confident as a woman.
I no my fiancée loves me for who I am but I want to find confidence in myself and be able to walk down the street without thinking about how ugly I look compared to every other woman and girl I see. I want to be proud of who i am and stop putting myself down but it’s so hard.


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