How to improve my memory? Any Ideas?


To all those wonderful people who already follow me and how read my previous posts you will know why I have lost my memory and what happened in October this year, to those who don’t ….
I went to university lived in the halls, I was isolated, around a lot of immature people who instantly didn’t like me and I became very depressed because of that and the lack of support given to me by my university and being so far away from home and I ended up having a nervous breakdown, it took me a long while to recover although I still haven’t fully recovered now….but one thing that is really bothering me is my memory.

I have done very well in my education so far but that was mainly due to my good memory which compensated for my lack of concentration due to my nervousness, back pain, figuring, and PTSD which makes concentrating on something for a long time difficult but I used to be able to read something important and instantly remember it and bring the information up when I needed it but now that’s all gone out the window….
I am not only finding it difficult to remember things from the past but I am finding it hard to develop new memories and remember even recent things and I have really lost the sense of who I am and everything seems so much more difficult.
I am still continuing to work hard no doubt I have a 12 hour job working for an insurance brokers which the training has been hard but through determination I have learnt a lot but no doubt it has had an effect on my physical health, I’ve been so tired and down with remembering it all and most of all I have so much frustration gathered up inside me because I just wish I could be the person I was before but I can’t!
I am getting better but it is just taking so long!

I’ve heard of a vitamin supplement called ‘neurozan’ is supposed to improve brain performance and memory it was in bbc science magazine
‘Focus’ Has anyone tried it? Can anyone find me any reviews or suggest anything else that will help improve my memory.


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  1. Hi, I found this answer on Yahoo! answers:
    The best thing for you is exercise and good sleep. You are taking in so much oxygen when you sleep and exercise. Your brain loves that. Also, make sure you are getting good sleep. If you watch a person sleep, you will see that they are taking in long deep breaths. This is your body oxygenating itself at it’s best. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you are not getting sufficient oxygen. Your doctor can help you with this if this is an issue. I would most definitely take a vitamin B Complex. Most doctors are recommending it now, because they believe it can help offset symptoms of dimentia. Diet always helps as well. If you don’t want to cut out certain foods, then at least add more fruits and veggies to your diet.
    I hope it helps

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