Do we make our own luck?


Since I’ve been on the road to recovery and received help from my support groups and family around me I have improved in so many ways, obviously I’m still not 100% better because its a long term process but I feel sometimes as if my luck is changing, more opportunities come my way and this time I am grabbing them with both hands but it got me thinking ….

Do we make our own luck in life? If we look at life to be full of opportunities, good, kindness and forgiveness and we treat the world and everyone around us with a simple smile and positive attitude will it attract positive opportunities and people my way?

I do try and look at the world positively but it is so hard, how can you think the world can be a blessing and filled with kindness and happiness when there is so much evil around us, poverty and suffering.

But back to my life, I am getting great opportunities my way via work.

I’ve just found out by my mum that finally there is work in Morrisons near me which I have been trying to get in since it opened, I had an interview on Friday and I may have a possible one next week for Primark for part time work and I found out that I can drop my cv off in several places in Cheater so I am in my smartest clothes and I am going in there with my head held high and make a great impression to them and hopefully soon I will get a job!!!


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