What am I doing now?


I am learning to forgive and forget, 

I am learning to live a life of peace and light and follow the wise words of Dalai Lama, 

I am doing everything I can to increase my memory and knowledge again, 

I am trying to lead a healthy lifestyle;eating health food, trying to get my energy levels up, 

exercising, socialising, 

my motivation has increased and so has my concentration, 

I am getting into my hobbies more and more, 

I am increasing my knowledge about mental health and how I can understand and deal with it, 

I am learning through my course books and preparing for the academic year ahead, 

I am fully taking advantage of all the help that is out there and the people out there to support and help me. 

I am making friends who understand me and support me, 

I am learning to deal with my condition a lot better, 

I am reducing my negative outlook on life, 

I am learning how to lead a healthy life and life filled with peace and understanding, 

I am increasing my social skills everyday

and my self esteem and confidence is increasing! Imageill


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