Les Miserables!! My review!!!


OH MY WORD….I can seriously not put into words how amazing this film is although for everyone reading this I am going to try,…

I went to see Les Miserables tonight for mine and my mum’s birthday and I am so glad we picked to see Les Miserables over Life of Pi. 

This film is so emotional. It is so wonderfully directed, the singing was out of this world, the expression of poverty in the film, the struggles of the time and era, the desperation and the economy of the time was shown in such detail by not only the characters but the make up and visual effects and scenery and of course the story. 

The main characters Hugh Jackman and Ann Hathaway did an absoletely amazing job! In every song they sung so beautifully, so powerful and showing such emotion which made the story so easy to fall into and to feel their despair, pain, sadness was so overwhelming, all the power, lyrics and meaning of the songs fill you with such emotion. 

They were both tremendous singers and so dedicated to the roles, especially Ann Hathaway who actually had her hair cut off for the film…they definitely deserve the awards they have received for this film. They have always been a fantastically talented pair and this film is going to  be the making of their career to come! 

It is a long winded film but I think it was totally the right call to make the film to get all the detail of the story in the film to make it a truly empowering and emotional experience and I loved every minute of it!! 

It is definitely the best film I have seen this year!!! 

It is a definite must see!


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