How am I feeling?


This progressive road to recovery is rather slow, 

it is very tiring and so much hard work, 

there is so much stigma and so much judgement against people like me, 

but I am not giving up this fight to constantly prove them wrong,

and prove to people I can get better and do the same things as them, 

it just might take me longer, 

because I have not got as much energy as you, 

you might not understand why but it doesn’t matter how long I take to do something, 

I can still have the same opportunities as you. 

I am feeling very tired, and sometimes run down, 

but I am more determined then ever to get things working my way. 

I am going to get better, 

I am going to succeed,

I am going to be the same person I was last year, 

I am going to regain my confidence, 

I am going to make you understand, 

mental illness isn’t a joke, 

It’s as serious as anything else, 

but recovery is possible and I am going to prove it by being even stronger than I was before! 


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  1. I love your determination! It is definitely a tough road to follow, I feel for you there…Many speed bumps and roadblocks along the way, but I have so much faith that you will get there, and will be a much stronger person by the end of it ~ someone with alot of wisdom to help many others struggling along this pathway too ♥

    • I write my blog so people understand more about mental illness and how it actually makes the person feel and how it affects there life and how they can still do the same things as everybody else. I try to educate people and help people similar to me. 🙂 xxxx

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