Aims for the next 4 months!


My aims for the next 4 months are: 

  • Continue increasing my knowledge on mental health. 
  • Continue to study and prepare for university in September. 
  • Start writing short stories. 
  • Start my children’s story again. 
  • Improve my poetry-make it more safisticated, have a hidden meaning and not necessarily rhyme all the time. 
  • Lose weight gradually (1 stone) 
  • Continue trying everything to increase my confidence and self esteem-buy more colourful clothes and girly clothes, stop comparing myself to other people, keep saying positive things to myself. 
  • Find a part time job. 
  • Continue to socialise and receive support through the drop in’s, going to my support groups, keeping in touch with friends and getting out more.
  • To paint pictures again. 
  • Read as much as possible. 
  • Continue to get over/work on getting over my anxieties, OCD’s and deal with my symptoms. 
  • Try and meditate more when anxious/agitated. 

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