Getting back into my hobbies.


I have said this for some while to myself….
I will get back into my hobbies, I will write more poems, I will try and write stories again, I will paint again….

And so far I have not acted on that… Because I can not gain the confidence, motivation and concentration I need to do them… I think this is because not only have I lost my concentration through being ill and tired but when painting of writing a poem I tend to be to controlling as to how I do it because I want it perfect… So I get annoyed when it isn’t.

What I should do is paint and write in an uncontrolled way, to let my raw emotions come out via my poetry or artwork….
I think I may try that soon…. Do you think it will help and I will create a master piece??



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  1. Perfectionism seems to go hand in hand with depression, doesn’t it? It is a pain that just when you think, perhaps it might be time to try something creative, in strides the darn thoughts that tell you what you are doing just isn’t ‘good enough’ :/ I know the feeling very well myself…But on a positive note, they do say that people who struggle with mental health issues tend to be more artistic than the rest of the population πŸ™‚ And I have found that to be pretty true in my limited connections with others…I’m sure you could write a wonderful poem or paint a beautiful picture ~ time to give it a go? πŸ™‚

    • I definitely will! I’m going to try and paint using my emotion and not just copying from a picture and see what I produce, even though I know i wont like it, ive painted a lot in the past I did art in school got a b and everytime i paint or draw something everyone loves it but i dont see it…
      above is a link to my artwork on my facebook have a look see if you like it.
      I’m going to a creative writing class today so hopefully I will write a good poem too! πŸ™‚ No perfectionism is allowed! Going to be hard though! πŸ™‚ xxx

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