I just can’t seem to relax!


Before my fiancee moved in my bedroom was a place I used to go to relax, it was a room that I could get peace, process my thoughts through meditation, organise what I had to do the next day but I have not been able to do this for a long time and after my recent relapse I need to do this the most and it angers me so much that I can’t. 

My room is now the place of a big tv which occupies the entire room and a playstation that is constantly on, it is now a place of activity, flashing images and loud noise. 

I can not find anywhere in my room or house to meditate or relax in utter peace and quiet and it is making me feel so ill. 

I feel constantly tense, agitated, my chest is constantly tight, heart constantly beating much faster than it should, my head is constantly tense and I have constant headaches that feels like somebody squeezing my head, I can’t sleep properly, I feel sick everytime I eat. 

I want to get better so much but I won’t be able to if I can’t simply relax! 

Anyone have any suggestions?!? I really need some help here! 


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  1. Maybe you could insist on having your space back? I don’t know if you live alone, share the house or whatever though; so maybe this won’t be the answer. Time apart; time to be alone with your own self and thoughts is essential though. Maybe talk to your fiancée about your feelings too. Always helps to communicate your needs and issues rather than internalising them.
    Bex 🙂

  2. Yeah your right…But I don’t see a way of making the room more relaxing to give me my space without removing the tv or asking him to turn it off from time to time and he can’t part with his tv lol xxxxxx

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