My First Support group session!


Since I have been home from my suspended year of study (October) and my mental health was worsening I have been looking for a solution, a form of support and FINALLY I have found it! 

Before Christmas my Doctor referred me to an organisation called KIM(Kindness in Mind) it is based in North Wales where I live and unlike Mind their services include 8 week workshops, drop ins, fundraising, group discussions as well as one to one support and it is a woman run organisation. 


I had great hope that this charitable organisation would help me and today I went to my first drop in. 

As soon as I stepped into the room I had a good feeling about it, I came in early to save the stress of walking in a busy and room full of people. As soon as I sat down the volunteers made me feel welcome, introducing themselves and everyone else, trying to calm me down and trying to reduce my anxiety. As all the other women walked into the room I couldn’t believe how happy, bubbly and confident they were, they had been with this organisation for a while and you could tell how it had improved their mental health, increased their confidence and self esteem, I looked at them in envy. 

In the session I was constantly monitored and checked on but what I loved about it was that I was not put under any pressure to talk, they let me talk a little at a time which suited me, of course I was still nervous which you could tell by how quietly I was talking (as quiet as a mouse almost) but I am very proud for the fact that I spoke to people on my first session! 

I gained some great advice from one volunteer regarding the support that should be provided to me during my university course second time around and what I should do to make sure I get it and one of the volunteers was a trained and qualified social worker and had been with KIM for only 4 weeks and was trying to learn more into mental illness. 

She was a very pretty young woman, I could tell she was very caring and concerned for peoples health and very enthusiastic to learn and I felt quite comfortable around her. She advised that I have one to one sessions to keep track of my progress which she personally wanted to do with me which I thought was great, everyone in the group wanted to help me and wanted me to come back next week and best of all I have a place on two of their courses which I am really looking forward to. 

Creative writing for wellbeing-which I will love as I love writing poetry and expressing myself through my writing! 

And ….. 

Understanding Me- which is a course where experienced members of KIM and long time sufferers of mental health issues give you strategies and coping methods of how to deal with stress, deal with certain symptoms of your condition, how to handle your depression, how to improve your self esteem and confidence and apparently it is excellent! 


I am so glad that FINALLY i am recieving some help and I can not wait to get better and make progress with it all and I am so grateful that organisations like this exist and I am really looking forward to volunteering with them after I have recieved their helping and putting something back into the organisation and helping people like me. 

This is the road to progress, all I need is money now lol 


About Faye Elizabeth

I'm a 19 year old student, who loves the environment and want to base my career on protecting it which is why I am studying biological sciences then earth sciences in university, I love photography, art (anything creative), i have mental illnesses which I am not ashamed of, I'm recently engaged :D and have a positive future ahead.

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  1. This sounds great Faye, I’d been looking for something like this myself but this was never suggested. I’m pleased you’ve had a good experience with them so far, I hope it goes really well xx

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