The same black hole.


Dear Depression, 

You have done it again, after fighting and fighting you have waited until I’m completely exhausted and attacked me while my guard is down, 

You are pulling me down that same black familar hole of darkness where nothing matter, 

my thoughts are no longer my own, 

I am filled with misery, anger and dispair, 

Why won’t you leave me alone, 

Why won’t you let me think for myself, 

And why do you always attack me whilst I’m off guard, 

I am so tired that everywhere hurts, 

I can’t concentrate or remember anything, 

but all I can hear is your negative little voice in my head dragging me into the abyss, 

I don’t want to go down there again,  

Iv’e been there before,

I know the misery,

I have felt it before,

Iv’e come so far,

I don’t want to return,

But I am so tired,  

All I can do is yawn,

Why won’t you leave me alone so i can at least try,

try to fight this depression like I once did before.

Last year I was so happy,  

I was incontrol,

I felt so confident like never before,

but now I’m stuck on replay,

going through this same routine,

and I’m scared of the big black hole,

I was hoping it would never return,

I can’t do it on my own,

I’m to tired of fighting,

Iv’e lost all will, faith and hope.

what shall i do?

I don’t think my family understand,

I’m trying to make it through,

I’m trying to pretend everything is ok and put on the same fake smile,

but I don’t think they are falling for it no more,

and I’m falling in the abyss.  


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