Why I HATE our Conservative British Government!



In the year of 2012 was the year we chose David Cameron out of the conservatives to be our new prime minister. He made so many promises to better our country and none he has kept! 

And now a year later, nothing has improved, its got worse in fact, especially for the disabled or less financially stable and the faith I once had for our conservative government has now been replaced with anger and hate! 

My anger for our government has been due to my recent experience with the new criteria of the benefits system which I have experienced ongoing problems with since October last year. 

I went to University within September last year previously setting up all the support I needed for my condition months before, unfortunately when I got to university no support system was set up, I moved away from home and all the stress caused me to have a serious relapse, I came home to see the doctor and he wanted to section me because my condition had gotten that severe, so by my mother and grandparents I was immediately rushed home and forced to suspend my university course for a year. 

A few weeks later I went to my local jobcentre to apply for Job seekers allowance for the first time as I have always been in education all my life and to gain a job whilst I was out of university although I was still unwell/am unwell and incapable to work. 

After telling the advisor all about my condition and suspending my university course, she advised me that job seekers allowance would be to stressful and be to much pressure for me whilst I am trying to get my health better which I didn’t entily agree with but I took her advice and she told me to phone my doctor, ask for a sick note and apply for Employment Support Allowance, I also applied for Disability Living Allowance that she assured me that I was also entitled to. 

I received a sick note for 26 weeks (which proves how unwell I am), applied for ESA and DLA in early November. 

After applying for these benefits I soon received a phone call from ESA saying that I am not entitled to ESA because they have a ‘new student criteria’ and they said unless I withdraw from my university course altogether or receive DLA I can not get anything off them even though I have a sick note. I wrote to my local MP and asked for his advise of which he wrote to them advising them on my situation and how it was unfair to ask me to give up my university course after working so hard for it and that I needed financial support, they still wouldn’t change their minds and are refusing me any payments. 

Regarding the DLA after applying they sent me back my application disagreeing with every single point that I wrote regarding my condition and making me out to be a lier and denying my claim. I appealed against the decision knowing that I am eligible and should be entitled to this money as with my condition I need constant support, it is long term and I put myself and others in danger. After 10 weeks of hearing nothing, I got my mum to phone up and she soon found out that they still disagree with my claim and they are taking me to the tribunal. 

It can take upto 2 months to receive a date for the tribunal and the whole process can take upto a year of which I will be back in university by then!! 

So after the ‘amazing’ advise of the advisor in my local job centre I have been left for 10 weeks with no income coming my way whatsoever and if it wasn’t for my parents, partner and overdraft I would not survive! 

So I am frustrated because I could of received Jobseekers all along instead of applying for ESA which was advised even though I am not entitled to it and I wouldn’t of had to struggle for 10 weeks with nothing and I am angry that I have to go to a tribunal to fight for a benefit that I am entitled to as being legally classed as ‘mentally disabled!’

So here’s the sum up- I am mentally disabled, incapable to work at the moment, they won’t give me ESA because I plan to actually make something of myself and go back to university and they are making me fight to receive DLA although I’m entitled to it with being mentally disabled! 

So I am feeling extremely angry and let down by my government and the benefit system at the moment especially when I know how some people wrap the benefits around their fingers to get what they want out of the system! 

AND to top it off in the newspaper this morning it stated that the government plan to make cuts out of our benefit system AND all MP’s think they deserve an extra £20,000 added on to their salary! CHEEK OF IT! IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO AFFORD TWO HOUSES AND TO LIVE IN LONDON YOU DON’T NEED ANYMORE MONEY!! 

And I wonder where this money is going to come from….the saved money from the benefits by any chance?? 

The conservatives, yes they were left with a lot of damage caused by the Lib Dems but so far they are not improving the state of Britain, they have not decreased unemployment rates, they are not controlling immigrants coming into the country, they are not improving the support needed for disabled and elderly within the country, David Cameron has not approached any environmental issues like he promised Greenpeace he would and it seems they are all out for their own ends! 

I am extremely angry about the whole situation and they way I am going to deal with it is; when I go to the tribunal about my DLA I am going to give them a peace of my mind, I am going to inform the local newspapers and hopefully gain more awareness on this and when I graduate University I have definitely decided that I am going into Government! 

I don’t know how yet, but they better bloody watch out!! 



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