Why Self harming ISNT A JOKE!



I am writing this blog with much frustration as I am so sick of people not truly knowing the reason as to why people self harm, they do not realise how serious it is and they are repeatedly using the subject to scheme some sort of practical joke which the latest is about Justin Beiber smoking weed. I am not to clear on how this has happened or why but I am tired of it being part sick and cruel peoples practical jokes so I am going to tell you the real reason that people like me self harm or have in the past, so here is the truth.

Deliberate self harm is often caused by emotional trauma and is not about the the inflicting of physical pain but the cessation of emotional pain. Deliberate self harm is very hard for people to get there heads around as they do not understand why there is an increasing amount of adolescents and adults in the UK doing this. Deliberate self-harm is a term that covers a wide range of behaviours some of which are directly related to suicide and some that are not. This is a relatively common behaviour that is little understood.The amount of teenagers and adolescents self harming has proved to increase over the past 2 years but still it is not recognised or acknowledged.

The individual inflicts themselves with self harm due to painful emotional pain which they feel that they can not contain along with a lot of anger related to their feelings or trauma which along with being angry with themselves causes them to take it out on themselves to save harming anyone else. Once they have inflicted the physical pain their brain produces a natural pain killer which relieves their emotional pain as well as their physical pain.

Depression and Anxiety issues/disorders is not just the feeling of being anxious, depressed or nervous when you have an important meeting, a job interview or its your first day at school, people with anxiety issues are constantly fighting with the feeling of being anxious no matter what they do, but it is worsened by situations that relate to their trauma or being in any situation they do not have any control over or being in an environment or with people they do not know. This anxiety can cause symptoms like shaking, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, stomach upset, dizziness  fatigue, headaches, tension, insomnia and the feeling of being frightened and threatened as well as panic attacks and anxiety attacks.

I have suffered with my mental illness as long as I can remember and I am not ashamed to admit that I have self harmed in the past and I do when I get at a stage where I am manically depressed, afterwards I feel ashamed of myself but it is a pattern of relieving the emotional pain that I have got stuck into as its the only method I know that can relieve my emotional pain but after seeing my doctor and looking into research about self harm I have found out that I can get the same relief from using an ice cube on my body or using a doctors spatula (wooden ones) and use that, it will give me the same sensation but without actually causing myself any harm but I haven’t got the stage to where I need to use it yet and I hope I never will.

So please everyone do not mistake self harm for teenagers seeking attention or a practical joke, it is a serious matter that needs to be addressed by yourselves and others, there are ways we could stop individuals like myself stop doing it, but understanding the problem is the first step.

Thanks for Reading.


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  1. Hey great post, couldn’t agree with you more. Many misconceptions about self harm, and it is too complex to merely label it as ‘attention seeking’. Interesting to see you are from North Wales, I am too and not so far from where you are! Although, I now live in Madrid.
    Best wishes, Bex 🙂

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