The story of my relationship and engagement- Part one.



With having my mental conditions I have had many problems with men or shall I say ‘boys’ getting used to the fact that I do not behave like every other girl and my reactions can somewhat be irrational at times and that I actually need comfort and support from a relationship,they were to immature to be able to understand my condition and actually support someone,  I couldn’t find a mature partner who could give me the support I needed as well as a loving relationship, I gradually gave up and stopped looking… I thought I was to ‘damaged’ to find someone and be in a relationship, I thought I was beyond help and I wasn’t good enough….all the people I had gone out with so far were so immature… even if at 22!

I asked my loved ones from beyond, ‘Please help me find someone’.

What I didn’t realise was during March 2011 my life was about to change for the better…

Before I tell you about my engagement I am going to tell you the story of how me and my partner met.


Me and Matt first started talking on Facebook.

I saw his funny comment on Paul Simon’s Status saying ‘mmmmmm Jam on Toast…does life get any better XD?’ This started a whole discussion about what we prefer on toast lol.

The discussion was silly but hilarious to paul, me and matt. It’s funny what you have a discussion about on fb.

I thought Matt was funny and a nice lad so she decided to take the chance to message him. ‘Hi, funny discussion we had about toast, how do you know Paul?’ all started it off.

We started to get to know each other; where they lived, what they were doing; who they were with and what they were unhappy with and I identified he wasn’t happy and started supporting him.

Matt was seeing a girl who treated him unfairly and he didn’t know if he was going out with her or not! His head was all over the place and he gradually told me everything.

I Wasn’t happy with the story i was hearing and advised him to confront her and sort things out…to which he found out she was cheating on him ..he was devastated and i continued to pull him through, comfort him and be a good friend to him.

We started getting very fond of each other and Matt wanted to meet me (even though he knew about my mental illness) but there was one problem….

I wanted to meet him but was slightly put off by his pictures….


which looked like this (He looked a bit like p***head lol).

Whereas mine looked like this:


where I was just enjoying myself singing at a house party.

After much pestering I decided to meet up with him.

I got my Dad (adoptive dad-tell you more about that later) to drop me off at his house.


We talked for a couple of hours then he took me to his friends house and introduced me to everyone, which I’ve got to admit was a bit overwhelming but they were all lovely, we sat there all night talking and I sat watching Matt eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s Caramel chew chew BY HIMSELF. ¬¬ Greedy get! lol 

We text for weeks and I went to visit him a few times and then I brought him up to my house to meet my nutty family…..

As you can imagine I was sooooo nervous… :///

BUT he fitted in really well he got on with my parents as well until the next morning… (hehe-funny story this).

The night he came up my parents he stayed over he slept in my room but on a spare mattress on the floor, my parents didn’t know we had already slept together, so as you can imagine, I didn’t want to sleep in a bed on my own 🙂 (cheeky smile).

My dad soon found out what happened in the morning and kicked off and wanted  him to go immediately… after explaining the situation he understood and everything was fine of course.

I later on told him how I felt about him but he was too nervous about a relationship after his last one but after much convincing he asked me out and moved in with me after our first year in my parents house.

He gets on with my family so well and my life has been increasingly better with him in it…

(Continued on Part 2)


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