The story of my relationship and engagement-Part 2.


Matthew was everything that I could of wished for, of course I am not saying he is perfect as there are a few things that need adjusting about him, for example, getting him to eat healthier and teaching him how to cook, but he provided me with so much understanding and support.

I couldn’t believe my luck, someone who wanted to go out with me despite my illnesses.

We were going out for about a year when I started explaining to him the reasons behind my illness, all the traumatic experiences and everything about my past…this was either going to make or break the relationship, I wanted him to prove he was really with me on this, willing to support me and accept me for all of me including my past. He listened with much detail and told me that the past didn’t bother him, he loves me for who I am despite it and everything that has happened to me has made me stronger and he is willing to support me what ever the consequence. I cried, finally, I had gotten what I wanted I was so happy!

I was in college getting bullied, he supported me, I told him I wanted to go on my own but for him to live at my house until I went to university the following year so I could spend as much time with him as possible-he moved in and he told me he would be at home waiting for me,  we went on numerous holidays together and we loved it.

Before I went to university I had won a photoshoot of which I chose to bring Matt to have some professional photos took of us both to signify our love thanks to Kel J Davies- who was a local photographer and surprisingly sister of one of my old friends. She was fabulous (she’s already been told she is our photographer for our wedding).



I went to university in the September, I found out I couldn’t cope with university on my own, I came home distraught, I’d had a relapse, I wanted to kill myself, he was there, helping me, caring for me, getting me better, I realised I loved this man, he had really proven to me that he was there to stay so I asked the question- ‘would you consider marrying me’.

He grinned and said yes but he didn’t know of when and where, my mum then suggested to him that he should propose to me on Christmas day(which I didn’t know).

This made me the happiest person in the world, he even agreed I could pick my ring as I am going to be wearing it for the rest of my life. 😀 😀 😀 😀

I picked my birthstone Amethyst in a ring that signified our love, its three square stones that signify past (because he accepts my past), present (because he’s my present) and future (because hes part of my future).

I loved the ring and knew what it looked like but I didn’t know when he was going to propose, that was the real surprise…

I thought he was going to wait until next year to give me my ring but unknown to my knowledge it was going to be much sooner than I thought.

It was Christmas day 2012 I started opening my presents and I opened one and it was ‘The Big Bang Theory’ box set of the entire series which I was so chufted about, Matt told me to check the disks to see if they weren’t scratched…

‘Why would they be scratched I thought’, I flicked through to the last series where Howard gets married and there was a note saying ‘Look on the tree for number 17’, obviously I was puzzled, I started looking on the tree being completely confused as to what I was going to find a number on and there in a cracker was number 17, Baffled I froze, pull the cracker my mum said, I pulled it with Matthew and out popped the ring!!!

I burst out crying! That was one of the happiest moments of my life! I couldn’t stop weeping, Matt came over and put it on my finger…..He didn’t need to ask, he knew what the answer was….

I had told him previously how much I loved him, appreciated him and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life caring for him like he does me, sharing happy memories together, our future rows, everything, I wanted to dedicate my life for this man and I guess he knew that all along.



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