Bath time- A time of reflection, time for me.


mom-bubble-bath-deBath time- A time in the day where you can say goodbye to your troubles, goodbye to the stresses of the day and put your feet up and relax.

Bath time for me is a time I look forward to, to relax my mind, to try and process all my thought processes, all my negative thoughts of the day as well as trying to process the positive ones before my brain automatically dismisses them, it is a time where I can not be influenced by anyone, its me and me alone, its only me that causes the negative thoughts in my mind that affects my behaviour.

The bath relaxes my body and therefore my mind, if relaxing music is on at the same time I almost go into the state of meditation, my thought processes slow down enough for me to look at them and think ‘I’m being totally unrational, totally ridiculous  I have progressed so much’ and recognise what positive things have happened to me instead of focusing on the negative.

Anyone with a mental illness will know that getting to the state of where your mind is processing your thoughts slower, or you get into a state of where your mind is completely still is so hard to achieve but once you have, it is such a relief! YES SILENCE! TIME FOR ME! 

The only way I can explain it is if you are worrying about something then you stand in a stunningly beautiful church/cathedral or place of worship, your breath and mind is completely blown away by what you are seeing and all there is between your mind and the place around you is silence and purity, THAT is exactly what it feels like.

Only a bath and meditation (sometimes) has the same effect on me and that’s what makes it so enjoyable.


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